Teammate Spotlight

Behind every successful company there is a team of talented people that help make it all happen.

Our blog series will be spotlighting all of our employees over time and giving a voice to the many incredible stories and “fun to know” facts of our exceptional employees.


We learn.  We care.  We have fun!  We get results!

ValueHealth Teammate Joseph Fountain October 13, 2021 – Joseph Fountain, Process Improvement Analyst in the Leawood, Kans., office, has successfully held three jobs since beginning his career with ValueHealth in 2019. And that’s no problem for him because change comes naturally to Joseph who has moved more than 20 times in his life. Joseph was born and lived most of his childhood in Independence, Mo., and he lived in Fort Worth, Tex., and Tulsa, Okla.

Joseph has a double major in business administration and marketing from Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Mo. One of Joseph’s most interesting jobs prior to ValueHealth was as a buyer for Metropolitan Community College in Kansas City. In that position, he handled many kinds of purchasing needs for the college, the most unusual being procuring animals for dissection in biology classes.

Creativity has always been a focus for Joseph, whether as an intern for a motion-graphics design production company or during the 2020 quarantine when he funneled his energy during free time into the creation of a party game he named American Pandemic. With the help of industry experts, his game was funded and now is available for purchase online.

As a self-described positive, passionate person, Joseph’s dream vacation is to travel to Australia to visit the 700-acre Australian Zoo in Queensland. On the long flight, you might find him watching is favorite movie, “Inception,” and enjoying his favorite snack, Gushers.

“I absolutely love the culture and vision held by this organization,” says Joseph. “Time and time again, I, and others I work with, have been able to share ideas for improvement, find support in leading positive changes, and be part of implementation for internal and external clients. Rarely do organizations empower their employees so much.”

Previous Spotlights

ValueHealth Teammate Matt Wilkinson August 18, 2021 – Matt Wilkinson, Business Intelligence Strategic Analyst in the Leawood, Kans., office, is a relative newcomer to ValueHealth with one year at the company. Matt originally joined ValueHealth as an intern supporting the Partner Performance team before taking on his current full-time role.

Matt has a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Central Missouri (UCM). He plans to seek an MBA with an emphasis in healthcare administration in the future. Matt’s original college major was history because of his fascination with world history. He specifically was intrigued with World War I and read many books on the topic. His favorite book on the subject is “All Quiet on the Western Front.”

During college, Matt spent summers managing a small gas station in Warrensburg, Mo., which required various duties, and “was never boring.”

Matt is originally from Overland Park, Kans. He enjoys playing basketball, an activity he has continued after playing collegiate basketball for four years at UCM. While in college, he set various records in three-point baskets and free throws. He also was selected to compete on the USA D-2 select team—a group of elite basketball athletes selected to represent the United States in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, each year. He currently coaches seventh-grade boys for the MOKAN league and participates in adult leagues in the Kansas City area.

If you hear Matt say, “You’re killin’ me Smalls,” you will instantly know his favorite movie is “The Sandlot.” His favorite quote is from “Tuesdays with Morrie,” “The way you get meaning in your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.” Coming from the Kansas City area, there are lots of barbecue choices, and Matt’s absolute favorite is Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que.

As a self-described loyal, approachable, enthusiastic person, Matt quickly felt at home at ValueHealth. He values the people who make him feel respected and appreciated. He has met friends and developed mentors who genuinely want him to succeed. In fact, he’s grateful that it’s “easy to come to work excited every day when I get to be around the people I work with.”

Karen HoweJune 30, 2021 – Rhonda Brown, Vice President, Risk & Insurance, in the Leawood, Kans., corporate office, has been in her current role since joining ValueHealth in late 2015.

Rhonda is originally from St. Louis, Mo., and has a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from Columbia College and a master’s degree in legal studies from Webster University.

Rhonda’s first job was at a concession stand at the St. Louis Zoo making “a whopping $3.15 an hour.” Early in Rhonda’s professional career, she discovered not all job-related activities are created equal. Developing personal relationships with clients was a big part of her job at a small insurance broker firm. She used her keen skills when an older couple stopped by to have her mediate a disagreement about the wife changing her hair color. The couple had been married longer than Rhonda had been alive at that point. Rhonda played it safe by adding well-placed head nods and chuckles, but no commentary–“because a wise woman knows, speak only when you feel that your words are better than your silence.”

Rhonda describes herself as independent, influential, and resilient. She appreciates the challenges ValueHealth provides because they stretch her skills, which contributes to new professional accomplishments. She is grateful to work with her supportive, professional, innovative ValueHealth team members. Rhonda believes the team’s open communication creates an environment where best practices are the standard that allow team members to think creatively when it comes to improving all aspects of their work.

When not working, Rhonda enjoys reading, hosting dinner parties, dancing and attending live music venues. She also loves traveling to beach destinations, with Santorini, Greece, at the top of her dream vacation list.

Rhonda’s favorite quote is: “What is for me won’t miss me.”

Karen HoweKaren Howey, Senior Vice President of Operations and Growth, ValueHealth, is our current featured employee in the spotlight. Karen joined the ValueHealth team over 10 years ago as an interim traveling administrator and Group Vice President (GVP) before moving into her current role.

Karen was born in New Hampshire and moved continually during her youth. Before starting her career, Karen attended Michigan State University, receiving a bachelor’s degree in health communication. She later went on to receive her MBA from Central Michigan University.

Karen currently lives in Frankenmuth, Michigan, a small town known as “Michigan’s Little Bavaria” for its Bavarian-style architecture and German roots. Family has always been a central part of Karen’s life as a middle child with four siblings. To stay connected, she and all her siblings and their families get together at least once a year to travel. Her dream vacation would be anywhere she could have her whole family with her, preferably somewhere tropical.

Prior to her position at ValueHealth, Karen gained experience working in finance and administrative healthcare roles. Since joining ValueHealth, Karen has enjoyed meeting people through ValueHealth and connecting with her teammates. She finds that the company’s enthusiasm for delivering the best is what makes her career at ValueHealth so rewarding.

Outside of work, Karen enjoys spending time with her beautiful daughter, Sydney, who soon will graduate high school. As a lifelong lover of horses, Karen spends much of her time showing her horse, Coastline (Bodhi). She has been competing since the age of 5 and recently went to the National Finals to finish 7th in the country.

Karen’s favorite quote is “there is only forward, never back.” Living by this motto, she leads with purpose and is described as organized, loyal, and upbeat.
ValueHealth is grateful for people like Karen who leave a positive impact on all they encounter. Thank you, Karen, for sharing a bit of your story with us and bringing your talents to work every day.

Kristen Oehlert, Senior Event Planner, ValueHealth, is our current featured employee in the spotlight. After Kristen joined the ValueHealth team in 2012, she made a difficult decision to leave for a short period of time between March 2017 – November 2018 to care for her family following the sudden loss of her mother and brother. During that time, she also worked in an Event Manager role at Sprint. However, she returned to ValueHealth brighter and stronger than ever in December 2018, and she was greeted with open arms by all her teammates.

Kristen grew up in Boonville, Missouri through most of her childhood, but she moved to Lee’s Summit, Missouri right before high school where she was introduced to her new passion for volleyball. Kristen attended the University of Central Missouri (formerly Central Missouri State University) on a volleyball scholarship and played for the Jens under legendary head coach, Peggy Martin, for three (3) seasons as a middle hitter/blocker. While playing for the Jens, she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations, and her mother was the one who advised her to pursue a career in meetings and events. You know, they always say “mother knows best.” Since she began her career, Kristen considers herself extremely fortunate to have worked for several outstanding organizations and supervisors over the past 16 years who have helped mold her into the professional she is today.

Kristen currently resides in Lee’s Summit with her husband, Keith, two handsome boys, Alexander (9) and Brandon (6), and their cat, Kip. The entire household thoroughly enjoys watching multiple different kinds of sporting events, and they continue to be huge Chiefs and Blues fans. However, the family is still divided when it comes to the Royals versus the Cardinals, KU versus MU and Rafael Nadal versus Roger Federer. When sports are not the focal point, Kristen enjoys participating in or watching anything that has to do with the Arts (i.e. musicals, plays, painting, dancing, singing). While she’s definitely not a singer (just ask her husband), Kristen loves to dance – so much so that she won a live auction bid at a local charity event in 2017 to dance unrehearsed in front of 1000+ guests with Sasha Farber from Dancing with the Stars. She will always cherish that experience, and Kristen could feel her mother’s presence throughout the entire dance.

ValueHealth is grateful for people like Kristen who have continued to evolve with our company and their career, as well as help us deliver our vision of being the preferred and most trusted partner in the healthcare industry. Thank you, Kristen, for sharing a bit of your story with us and bringing your talents to work every day at ValueHealth.

Susan Mayfield, Clinical Director, ValueHealth, is our current featured employee in the spotlight. Susan initially joined the ValueHealth team as the Interim CNO for Methodist Southlake Hospital before moving into her current role in March 2017.

Before starting her career, Susan attended the University of Texas at Tyler where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She continued her education journey by earning her Master of Business Administration, with an emphasis in healthcare, from Texas Women’s University.

She currently resides in San Antonio, Texas with her sons, Jacob and Landen. Her daughter, Tori, lives five hours away outside of Dallas, Texas. When Susan is not working, Susan enjoys spending time with her seven-month-old grandson, Kyler, who brings her more love, joy, and happiness than she knew existed.

You might never know that Susan is the youngest of seven children (four girls, three boys), and there are 13 years difference between her oldest sibling and herself. When Susan was young, all she wanted to be was an artist, and being able to create something brings her a lot of joy and melts away stress. While Susan has taught herself how to paint and sketch, she does not believe she is good at it by any stretch of the imagination. Nonetheless, learning new things keeps a brain active and allows her to remember she does not know everything.

Susan has two favorite quotes: one from a movie and one from an American radio broadcaster. Her favorite quote from a movie is, “I have two guns, one for each of ya,” by Doc Holiday in Tombstone. She knows almost every line in the movie, and she said it is her “go to” comfort movie like some folks have comfort food. When she is fighting through the daily grind of her workday, she turns to a quote from, Paul Harvey, “And now you have the rest of the story.” She tries very hard not to make assumptions and asks appropriate questions to get the “rest of the story” before she reacts.

When reflecting on what she likes most about working at ValueHealth, Susan said her supervisors are top notch. They are honest, forthcoming, communicate well, make themselves available to discuss important projects and share similar values, ethics and goals.

ValueHealth is grateful for people like Susan who share a positive attitude with the people she works around. Thank you, Susan, for sharing a bit of your story with us and bringing your talents to work every day.

Ashton Scott, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant, ValueHealth, in the Leawood corporate office is our current featured employee in the spotlight and joined the ValueHealth team in January 2019.

She was born and raised in Olathe, Kansas, and she currently resides in Independence, Missouri with her fiancé, Christopher, and two fur babies, Char (beagle/shar pei mix) and Coal (Labrador/ pointer mix).

Three words that best describe Ashton are outgoing, adaptable, and enthusiastic. According to Ashton, the thing she likes most about working at ValueHealth is developing all the relationships with her colleagues.

There are few things many do not know about Ashton. Her favorite line from a movie is, “anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great,” Chef Auguste Gusteau from Ratatouille. Ashton enjoys playing beach volleyball, going to the lake, visiting her “happy place” – Disney World (where she got engaged last year), BBQ competitions and smoked beef tenderloin with smashed potatoes hits the top of her favorite food list. When reflecting on her all-time favorite quote, we weren’t surprised she selected one from the famous, Walter Elias Disney, himself. “That’s the real trouble with the world. Too many people grow up.”

ValueHealth is grateful for people like Ashton who enjoy doing something a little bit different every day and sharing a positive attitude with the people she works around. Thank you, Ashton, for sharing a bit of your story with us and bringing your talents to work every day at ValueHealth.

Victor Marshall, Research & Development Analyst, ValueHealth, in the Leawood corporate office is our current featured employee in the spotlight. Victor originally joined the ValueHealth team in 2009 as an Intern. Then, he moved into a fulltime role from 2011 – 2013. Prior to his return to ValueHealth in March 2019, Victor appreciated the opportunity to work as an Independent Consultant and spend time working in Washington D.C. as well.

While in Washington D.C., Victor worked as a Policy Analyst for a patient-centered care advocacy organization. He represented healthcare providers in Congress on issues relating to patient access to the services and treatments they need, improving the value of medical intervention for all stakeholders and cultivating a health system that fosters better physician-patient relationships in order to deliver truly patient-centered care. When we asked Victor, why did you move back to Kansas City? He said, “I moved back, because the cost-of-living was astronomical and the traffic was horrible.”

Victor grew up in Great Bend, Kansas with his two brothers and one sister. He married his wife, Christina, in October 2019, and the happy couple currently resides in Overland Park, Kansas. The meal of choice for this true Kansas Citian is a plate of ribs with a side of burnt ends. When time allows, Victor enjoys river float trips, scuba diving and playing board games. However, we wonder if he secretly has a green thumb, because his first job (ever) was in landscaping.

Before starting his career, Victor earned his undergraduate degree in Finance from the University of Kansas, followed by an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. When reflecting on what he likes most about working at ValueHealth, he states twice he’s come to this company after working on the east coast, and both times he has been shocked at how co-workers genuinely care for each other. It always feels like family here.

ValueHealth is grateful for people like Victor who come back to our family, share positive energy and spread happiness to others. Thank you, Victor, for sharing a bit of your story with us and bringing your talents to work every day.


Megan Copeland, Manager Network Services, ValueHealth, in the Leawood Corporate office is our current featured employee in the spotlight. Megan joined the ValueHealth team four years ago as a Healthcare Integration Consultant in the Innovations Department before moving into her current role.

Megan grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where her parents still reside and operate a dental practice. Megan has one brother who is in his second year of medical school at Creighton in Nebraska. Megan and her husband Trethan currently reside in Overland Park, however they met back in Iowa in the Spring of 2012 while playing on the same soccer team. They married two years ago in September and are proud parents of an adorable, high energy cat named Tom “Kitty” Cruise.

Before starting her career, Megan attended Saint Louis University where she pursued an undergraduate degree in Biology and Business Marketing, and earning her MHA in Health Administration. As a student Megan played soccer and was brought to Saint Louis University on an athletic soccer scholarship for her four-year undergraduate career. During her freshman year she was fortunate enough to play in the NCAA division Sweet 16 game where her team went on to win the Atlantic 10 Conference.

Megan shares her favorite movie is “Home Alone” and she can be caught watching it at least a half dozen times during the holiday season. Chicken Alfredo hits the top of her favorite food list, although not too often as it tends to not trend with her health-conscious lifestyle. When reflecting on what she likes most about the organization, Megan likes the opportunity she is provided to learn and grow with the organization while working with successful and driven people every day.

ValueHealth is grateful for people like Megan who enjoy doing something a little bit different every day and sharing a positive attitude with the people she works around. Thank you, Megan, for sharing a bit of your story with us and bringing your talents to work every day.

Kristin Crawford, ValueHealth Human Resources Systems Analyst, is our current featured employee in the spotlight. Kristin joined the ValueHealth team in 2012.

Kristin grew up in Paola, Kansas where her two younger siblings and parents still reside.  She attended the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk), where she received a bachelor’s degree in communications. Kristin began with the company immediately following graduation as a corporate recruiter.  She has continued to thrive in her career during the seven years she has been at ValueHealth and still continues to work in the human resources department. Now, she works in a much more technical role as a Systems Analyst where she manages the digital properties and processes associated with the wide array of duties that a human resources department manages.  Kristin also supports a variety of resources at all of our facilities around the country.

Kristin contemplated making a move to Dallas, Texas with her boyfriend in 2015, and now she is one of the many ValueHealth associates who work remotely. Kristin and her boyfriend, Kyle, have an adorable golden retriever puppy named Griffin. He is a super sweet puppy, but like all puppies, he has been a handful to train. If Kristin were to be an animal, she would be a dog just like Griffin, because he is so loving and loyal, gets regular exercise and loves to cuddle.

The first job that Kristin had growing up was a lifeguard. Her favorite food is CHEESE.  She could eat cheese all day long, on a cracker, on a taco, on a pizza, or in pasta. Give her cheese and she is one happy girl. If Kristin was to win the lottery, she would quit renting and buy a new home, and then of course travel the world.

ValueHealth is grateful for people like Kristin who have continued to evolve with our company and their career, as well as help us deliver our vision of being the preferred and most trusted partner in the healthcare industry. Thank you, Kristin, for sharing a bit of your story with us and bringing your talents to work every day.


Lee Harper, ValueHealth Clinical Director, is our current featured employee in the spotlight. Lee joined the ValueHealth team in 2005.

Lee has over 30 years of experience as a registered nurse in the perioperative and ambulatory surgical setting. Lee experienced first-hand the “trial-by-fire” environment many ASCs face when they do not work with a management company. After this first-hand experience, Lee was excited to come work for a management company that provides expertise to its facilities. She knew what it was like in the trenches and has brought that expertise to her role at ValueHealth.

Lee grew up in Wyandotte County, Kansas. She has been married to her husband, James, for 32 years. Lee’s parents and James’s parents were fishing buddies and they thought Lee and James should meet. So when Lee was home for her sister’s wedding, she met James and it was love at first sight. They talked every day and married six months later. Thirty-two years later, they have two grown children and one granddaughter named Harper who is their pride and joy!

The first job Lee held was as a night-shift mobile phone operator. Not the mobile phone you think of today, but a headset where she connected calls for clients. Back in the day, Lee was a top ten finalist in the Miss Kansas Pageant. She also received an award for a discussion topic that was held in front of a group of panelists.

If Lee were to play the lottery and win, she would definitely buy a beach home. She loves to golf on vacation and take in the beautiful sites while sipping cocktails from her golf cart. A dream vacation for her would be to go to Greece. Unfortunately, according to Lee, she has no hidden talent, but we see her talents every day at work.

ValueHealth is grateful for people like Lee who are continual learners and evolve with their roles to keep pace with the rapidly progressing ASC market. Thank you, Lee, for sharing a bit of your story with us and bringing your talents to work every day.


Allison (Ally) Fields, Accounting Coordinator, Corporate Finance, is our current featured employee in the spotlight. Ally works with the NueHealth AP/AR system and the Corporate Credit Card system. Ally joined the NueHealth team in 2010 in her current role, but she has had oversight responsibilities for a variety of NueHealth’s affiliate companies.

Ally grew up in Toledo, Ohio and Traverse City, Michigan. The Kansas City Art Institute is what brought her to Kansas City on a freshman scholarship. She later went on to attend Penn Valley Community College where she studied accounting.

The first neighbor she met when moving to Kansas City was Curt. They hit it off so well that they became husband and wife. This year, Ally and Curt will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and Ally’s landmark birthday on an Alaskan cruise with their family.

Outside of the office, you’ll find Ally spending time at local animal rescues helping dogs find their Fur-ever homes. Ally is a true dog lover and has often been referred to as the Crazy Dog Lady; likely due to the fact that she has had as many as 12 dogs living at her house at one time. “Strays seem to be drawn to us”, she says. Recently, Ally lost two of her fur babies, but she still enjoys the energy of her two mutt’s, Rufus and Finn.

One of the benefits of living on a lot of land is having space for a She Shed. Ally enjoys repurposing and re- upholstering furniture, and her She Shed is the perfect place for doing those activities. She received a scroll saw for Christmas this year that will allow for endless, creative possibilities.

Being surrounded by a group of highly driven and successful people who genuinely care about those they work with and the community in which we work are the things that Ally likes most about the NueHealth organization. Thank you, Ally, for sharing a bit of your story with us and bringing your talents to work every day.

Yvonne Woodley, Executive Assistant, is our current featured employee in the spotlight. Yvonne joined the ValueHealth team in 2001 as the very first executive assistant for the company. At that time, there were approximately 20 employees. In the last 18 years the company and Yvonne have seen many changes as well as growth and development of the parent and platform companies. Throughout this time, Yvonne has remained a constant for the team in her role as the Executive Assistant to the Sales and Business Development Team.

Yvonne grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and was educated in the Kansas City Catholic School System. She still resides in Kansas City in the Lee’s Summit surrounding area with her husband of 40 years, Norman. She and Norman have three grown daughters and 4 grandchildren together as well as several other extended family grandchildren. After high school, Yvonne graduated from the DeVry Institute with a background in computer programming.

Outside of the office, you’ll find Yvonne spending time with family and friends. Her favorite past time is to be with her “little people” as she so lovingly calls her grandkids, doing silly things and making life-long memories. She enjoys being around water, even though she can’t swim, because it is so beautiful. She, Norman and friends can be found traveling by car, plane, train or cruise ship, as long as they are together on an adventure.

Volunteering is a gift that Yvonne gives back often. This is a trait she has instilled in her family and they are often found together at community events giving back to those less fortunate. One of the things she loves about NueHealth outside of her “family” of co-workers is the fact that the organization supports volunteer efforts for employees to give back to those less fortunate.

If Yvonne were an animal she would be a bird so she could fly freely without any boundaries. Her favorite food is lobster or any seafood. Another reason she loves the water. No surprise that after 18-years her favorite thing about ValueHealth is the people. Some of them she has worked with all 18 years and she truly considers them family. The Business Development team has affectionately nicknamed her “Mama” because she always thinks of her team first. We are grateful for Yvonne and her positive attitude and camaraderie she brings with her every day to work. Thank you for sharing a bit of your story with us.


Barbara Proffitt, Regulatory Compliance Director, Clinical Team, is our current featured employee in the spotlight. Barbara joined the team in 2012 part-time and moved into a full-time role in 2014.

Barbara grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and now resides in Overland Park, Kansas with her husband and best friend of 29 years Mike. She and Mike have three children, Ben who is a freshman in college, and two grown children, Alex and Lindsey, who live close by. Sophie, a 14 year old miniature schnauzer who thinks she still a puppy, completes their family. Before moving to Kansas, they lived in five different states (KY, TN, OH, CO, TX) while Mike served in the military. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with minors in Computer Science and Business Administration from Western Kentucky University.

Outside of the office, you’ll find Barbara spending time with family and friends. She loves to run, participate and lead Bible study and reading. Loving to run is the right phrase because Barbara has run multiple half marathons and two full marathons. She recruited her daughter this last year to run a half marathon in October and now they will run together again in May at the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon, which coincidentally was Barbara’s first half marathon 20 years ago.

The first job Barbara held was at Delaney’s, an ice cream shop in the mall in Louisville, KY. She was the shift manager opening and closing the store. Her favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz (even before she moved to Kansas). She watched it every year on The Wonderful World of Disney. She loves the line “there’s no place like home.” If Barbara were to play the lottery and win, it’s no surprise that she would want to secure the best care and equipment for her Dad who is in a nursing home. But she wouldn’t just take care of dear Dad, she would do something amazing for all of his care-givers too, because she is so grateful for the wonderful care they give her Dad.

ValueHealth is grateful for people like Barbara who enjoy doing something a little bit different every day and sharing a positive attitude with the people she works around. Thank you, Barbara, for sharing a bit of your story with us and bringing your talents to work every day.

Andi Keller, Special Projects Coordinator, is our current featured employee in the spotlight. Andi joined the NueHealth team in 2005 and has a 13-year tenure that has consisted of a variety of positions. The one that has the greatest influence on Andi is the day when she and five others managed all aspects of nine “Cash” surgery centers. This gave her the foundation of knowing the importance of cash flow and how the Accounts Payable world can influence their success.

Andi lives in the Kansas City area with Ellie Mae, her Jack Russell Terrier, which by the way is her 23rd foster dog that she adopted herself because she couldn’t let her go and has for the last 4 years. Prior to 1997, she resided in Litchfield, Minnesota where she was born and raised. Her family still lives in her hometown. Andi received her education back in Minnesota at St. Could Technical College where she graduated as a Certified and Registered Dental Assistant. While working in a variety of dental specialties, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery with Facial Plastic Surgery was her favorite. There are many days that she misses assisting in surgery and in the operating rooms.

Outside of the office, you’ll likely find Andi traveling or on a cruise somewhere. She has cruised Alaska, Hawaii, Mediterranean, Caribbean and New Zealand with a week in Australia. Her cruising bucket list consists of Coast to Coast through the Panama Canal, Russia, Scandinavia and Iceland. Her land bucket list consists of an African Safari, Fiji, Greece and Iceland.

A few fun facts about Andi; her favorite pastime is reading, her favorite food is HuHot Mongolian Grill or Taco Bell and she doesn’t really look like a celebrity, but she gets “you look like someone I know” quite often. If she were to win the lottery, she would NOT quit working. She might reduce her hours, but she really enjoys her work and the NueHealth organization’s core value. “We work well together, putting patients first and having a little fun in the process.” She would however put the money away for a while until she has a solid financial plan. That’s what you learn from all of the years of managing the cash and developing centers.

Thank you, Andi, for sharing a bit of your story with us and bringing your talents to work every day at NueHealth.


Lisa Brown, Performance Systems Analyst, is our current featured employee in the spotlight. Lisa joined the NueHealth team in 2012 and has held various positions such as Project Manager and Organizational Development Specialist.

Lisa grew up in Overland Park, Kansas and now resides in Merriam, Kansas with her husband John, two loveable hounds Penny and Luna, and a bunny named Jasmine. She holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in technical theatre with a concentration in stage management from Columbia College in Chicago. Lisa also studied parade and event management, as well as pyrotechnics during her internship at Disney World.

Outside of the office, you’ll find Lisa and John traveling to kayak, run and hike. This year they toured the Shetland Islands, Glasgow, Edinburgh and walked the West Highland Way in Scotland. Most importantly, Lisa is always in the Disney spirit, and her dream vacation would be a trip to Disney Paris to participate in runDisney.

If Lisa were to play the lottery and win, she would purchase a pair of really nice kayaks for her and John to take on a trip back to the Shetland Islands, as well as explore more of the UK. This of course would be in addition to a beautiful cabin near the Smoky Mountains.

According to Lisa, the thing she likes most about working at NueHealth is the people. “I love the people I get to work with across the organization.  I feel lucky to work with such remarkable, talented, dedicated individuals.”  Thank you, Lisa, for sharing a bit of your story with us and bringing your talents to work every day at NueHealth.


Marsha Botts, Senior Project Manager at ValueHealth, is our current featured employee in the spotlight. Marsha joined the team in 2014 at the Corporate Office in Leawood.

As a youngster Marsha’s family moved around a lot, however, she has two places that she claims as hometowns, Talent, Oregon and Gardner, Kansas.  She spent Junior High, High School and early college years in Oregon before moving back to Gardner to start her adventure as an adult.

Her college career began in Oregon and concluded with her earning her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Baker University in Baldwin, Kansas.  Education is something that Marsha has continued to pursue through her career.  Currently Marsha holds certifications in Project Management, Lean Methodology, Six Sigma Black Belt along with a host of other HR, billing and reporting practices.  With this diverse background and through the years before joining NueHealth, Marsha has had the opportunity to work on some fascinating projects through the National Health Service in the UK and Scotland, as well as with the Office of Inspector General Medicare Fraud case.

Family is important to Marsha and she shares time when she can with her three children, a daughter, Mickey; sons, Ben and Braden.  However, her best buddies are Drake and Renn, her 4 and 5-year-old grandsons.  Hanging with them is her favorite pastime.

We asked Marsha a few fun facts about herself.  Her favorite movie line, is: “It’s been a hell of a day at sea sir” from Overboard. Her first job was a dispatcher for a trucking line, and oh the stories she tells. Lastly, when asked what would be the first thing she would buy if she won the lottery, Marsha states, “I would pay off every bill I have and then share with everyone. I mean that sincerely”.

One of her favorite things about working at ValueHealth is the people. Thanks for sharing a bit of your story with us Marsha and bringing your winning attitude to work every day.